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New Breathing Circle in South Devon

UPDATE: The South Devon Breathing Circle is not currently active.

Amanda Shell-Phillips Amanda Shell-Phillips is starting a new circle near Kingsbridge in South Devon.

Amanda creates a safe space in which to meet, share, unravel and release that which we are ready to let go of and welcome pure positive creative energy. This cleanses the emotional body, allowing space for higher vibration energy. Each session we set a personal positive intention for that which we wish to call into our life to support, becoming all that we are. We may invite nature spirits to support our work and during the warmer months, we may choose to breathe outside in a magickal garden close to a purifying fire - welcoming the elemental realms to bless and support our healing. Amanda has worked in the field of holistic therapy for over 25yrs and is committed to personal and global transformation.

She creates transformational healing journey's for groups and individuals, calling upon her innate wisdom and intuition she uses dance/movement, breath, shamanism, faerie magick, meditation, massage and yoga.

Amanda's old circle in Cornwall will now be run by Tony Bevington - details to follow...

Amanda Shell-Phillips
Venue: Centre For Peaceful, Restoration, Recovery and Recuperation. Ranscombe Manor, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 2DP
Tel: 07835 447167

Paris Breathing Circle

Joël JégoThis first Breathing Circle in Paris is open to everybody who experienced a minimum of three Transformational Breath® sessions, either individual or during a workshop/training.
For our own comfort you are welcome to bring a pillow, a blanket and water bottle.
Please wear loose and comfortable clothing. You will be lying on a mat on the the floor to breathe.

Joël Jégo

It was during one of these courses where I experienced my first Conscious Connected Breathing session. It was at this point that I understood that the practice of Conscious Connected Breathing suited me well; being a very analytical person, because listening to my body allowed me to access my shadow side unforeseen before. I then began with individual sessions and after I attended a seven-day retreat based on this Rebirthing breathwork technique. And I congratulate myself for having embraced fully these experiences, as the course of my life truly changed since. They helped me to find the purpose of my life, to strengthen my self-confidence, to feel more self-love and lots more.

Whereas I had done my entire career during 26 years in financial executive positions in large groups in France, Belgium and Australia, in 2009 I decided to move towards a career in which people interaction will be at the heart of it.

I then undertook a journey of intense training in supporting others to achieve their aims, then I became certified Coach and Rebirthing certified practitioner. I’m also trained in NLP, systemic approach and transactional analysis.

I started my journey in personal development fifteen years ago. In 2007, my company transferred me to work in Australia for 4 years. Experiencing the remoteness from my roots, the emotional quest, many personal questions, led me to undertake several personal development courses.

Joël Jégo
Venue: “La Forêt de Badondey - Divyan“ 1 Passage du Jeu de Boules, Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 00 39 50
Mob: +33 (0)6 09 01 39 53
-Thursday 24th September, 4pm - 6.30pm
-Thursday 29th October, 4pm - 6.30pm
-Thursday 26th November, 4pm - 6.30pm
-Thursday 17th December, 4pm - 6.30pm
-2016 dates to be advised later. Les dates au titre de 2016 vous seront communiqués ultérieurement.
Cost: the venue's renting costs (from 30€ to 50€, depending on the time) will be shared amongst the participants.
Tarif : les frais de location de la salle (de 30€ à 50€ en fonction de la plage horaire) seront pris en charge par la participants à part égale.

Qu’est-ce que le Cercle de Respiration?

Le Cercle de Respiration (Breathing Circle) créé à l’initiative d’un membre de l’International Breathwork Foundation (Fondation International du Travail de Respiration) est un réseau international de personnes qui se sont engagés dans :

  • la santé et la guérison n à travers la pratique de la respiration,
  • l’auto-guérison au travers d’états de transformation énergétiques,
  • des réunions et des ateliers dans un esprit communautaire.

Puis surtout, les participants des cercles de respiration pratiquent la respiration avec conscience. Comme cette pratique simple a provoqué un changement positif dans nos vies, nous nous rencontrons une fois par mois pour célébrer la respiration et introduire cet outil de transformation auprès d'autres personnes. Les Cercles de Respiration ont lieu en principe le dernier mardi du mois, tous les mois, et, des milliers d'autres personnes respirent ainsi consciemment en même temps à travers la planète.

Cercle de Respiration de Paris

Le premier Cercle de Respiration à Paris est ouvert à tous ceux qui ont expérimenté un minimum de trois séances de Transformational Breath®, soient individuelles et/ou lors d’un stage.
Pour votre propre confort, vous pouvez apporter un oreiller, une couverture et une bouteille d’eau.
Veuillez porter des vêtements amples et confortables. Vous serez allongé sur un tapis au sol pour respirer.

-Jeudi 24 septembre, 16h - 18h30
-Jeudi 29 octobre, 16h - 18h30
-Jeudi 26 novembre, 16h - 18h30
-Jeudi 17 décembre, 16h - 18h30
-Les dates au titre de 2016 vous seront communiqués ultérieurement.
Tarif : les frais de location de la salle (de 30€ à 50€ en fonction de la plage horaire) seront pris en charge par la participants à part égale.

Breathing Circle for the Sunshine Coast

Rudran Brannock Angelique Amour Starting in July there will be a new Breathing Circle in Australia. This new circle is on the Gold Coast north of Brisbane. The facilitators for this circle are Rudran Brannock and Angelique Amour.

Rudran Brannock's Bio

I have been involved in my own inner work for a lot of years and it has taken me to a lot of places, internally as well as externally. 

To experience a life of learning I've been a druggie and alcoholic, been in the air force, worked on the oil rigs, picked fruit, sold advertising, gone to university, knocked around much of Australia, lived for years on rebirthing communities, had bones broken, been married twice, and have two extraordinary kids. 

I've fasted and cleansed, prayed and meditated; been initiated, challenged, and dragged kicking and screaming into a semblance of consciousness by those who cared enough about me to kick my arse when I needed it, which was so often that I found it hurt less if I did it for myself.

As a result I studied and taught Aikido, learnt yoga, became a counsellor, a rebirther, a body/energy worker and a social artist. I have also trained in strong circle work, and have been at the cutting edge of the development of western men’s inner work. I am a student of Tantric and Shamanic practices.

I am a sometime consulting editor with Living Now magazine on matters Masculine and Feminine.

I am the founder/visionary of THE JOINING, a gathering of men and women to study the coming together of the Masculine and the Feminine in all their forms, and a director of GENESIS, an organization whose mission is to support the development of sustainable culture and ecology, and the relationship between these two. I am also a founding Member of The Very Good Company, a social enterprise whose purpose is the creation of conscious culture.

I am now 61 years old and my body/mind has become more resonant rather than interpretive. My life purpose is in the passing on of the clues - of growing oneself up into a richly embodied and matured human being; of creating conscious culture and internalizing the Divine Dance of the Masculine and the Feminine

Rudran Brannock / Angelique Amour
Venue: 27B Kerrs Lane, Coes Creek, Queensland, Australia, 4560
Tel: +61 7 5446 6046
E-mail: /

København (Copenhagen) Breathing Circle

Geoffrey Smith Geoffrey Smith and Friends Geoffrey Smith is a Breathwork facilitator, life smilist, momentarian and peaceful visionary.

I was born in Lancaster in the North West of England in 1951 and I have been fortunate enough to have travelled the World extensively.

My travelling has taken me to work in many countires but in particular Papua New Guinea (PNG) just north of Australia, where I taught in the rainforests of the highlands of the country.

Whilst there I became interested in indigenous spiritual beliefs and in particular shamanistic practices.

I was trained by the master Danish breathworker and Meta-Health practitioner Lars Mygind. Since then I have been facilitating breathwork sessions throughout Europe.

I have also a Laughter Yoga therapist and an EFT guru, which I have incorporated into my breathwork style.

In more recent times I have commenced a study of Meta-Health from the perspective of breathwork and the practice of being in the present moment.

Geoffrey Smith
Venue: Tinkuy Spiritual Fitness Center, Skyttegade 3, København N., Denmark
Tel: +45 53 63 98 88

Breathing Circle in Alsace, France

Jorge Fuentes There is a new Breathing Circle in Alsace, France. It is in the little town of Pfetterhouse near the Swiss border.

This group is facilitated by Jorge Fuentes and is run from his house. For this reason attendance is limited to 8 people per session.

Jorge Fuentes
Venue: 24 rue de la Tuilerie, 68480 Pfetterhouse, Alsace, France
Tel: +33 642 465184

New Breathing Circle for Italy

The venue is actually 40 kilometers north of Rome and 40 kilometers south of Viterbo. From the centre of Rome it's an hours drive.

The session starts at 8pm because earlier everybody who has a job is still at work!

Robin Lawley
Venue: Via Salvatore Baldelli 19, 01030 Monterosi, Viterbo, Italia
Tel: +39 347 8253443

Genève Breathing Circle - Update

Alev GurzumarThe details below are the new venue and contact details for the Genève Breathing Circle.

Alev Gürzumar
Venue: Sphere 68, chemin Frank Thomas, 1223 Cologny, Genève
Tel: 079 772 33 46

Glastonbury Breathing Circle - Update

Julie Ann HorroxThe details below are the new venue and contact details for the Glastonbury Breathing Circle.

Instructions from Julie Ann:
For our own comfort you are welcome to bring pillows, a blanket or two, a water bottle. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, preferably trousers as we will be using movement and sacred sound, in this cutting edge modality of breath-work. Most of us will be lying on the floor to breathe or there are also comfortable sofas and chairs options, and lots of Fleeces to lie on at the Goddess Hall, so no mats are required.

Julie Ann Horrox
Venue: The Goddess Hall, Benedict Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9NB
Tel: 01458 830609 / 07967308695

Goa Breathing Circle

Anna and ArifThe breathing is getting to the roots of all holding places and Ciara's nurturing has given the space and love for the new healthier patterns/experiences to emerge is breathtaking - have a lovely day!

Breath facilitator: Anna & Arif
Location: Phil's House, behind the Whole Bean Cafe, Market Road, Anjuna, Goa

Moscow Breathing Circle

Tatiana GinzburgTatiana has 20 years of experience in breathwork, she wrote a PhD in transpersonal psychology, with a dissertation on integration in breath work. Her extensive breathing practice includes modalities such as Rebirthing, Holotropic, Vivation, Free Breathing & Da-breathing.

Breath facilitator: Tatiana Ginzburg
Telephone: +7-9219960003
Location: Moscow, Leningradskiy pr. 74/1, 2

Wisconsin Breathing Circle

Steve Moe and WindsongSteve Moe teaches the art of connected living. For over 20 years he has shared his skills in the healing arts of touch and breath. As a partner and trainer with Transformations, a premier breathwork training school, Steve has taught breathwork in his own neighborhood as well as around the world.

Breath facilitator: Steve Moe
Website: Telephone: (+1)715-362-3230
Location: MoeSong 127 Randall Ave., Rhinelander WI 54501 USA

Edinburgh Breathing Circle

An existing Transformational Breath® group from Edinburgh has now joined Breathing Circle. The group is jointly run by Anne-Marie Birch and Russell Storey. This monthly group has been running for over 3 years and meets one Thursday each month (usually the last Thursday) in the lovely Salisbury Centre.

Anne-Marie’s bio from the TBF-UK website:

Anne-Marie BirchAnne-Marie Birch is a Certified Transformational Breath facilitator and Trainer. She provides Transformational Breath® at her private practice in Edinburgh. As well as her own clinic she practices in other clinics in the city. Anne-Marie says that Transformational Breath® has added an abundance of energy, health, joy and peace to her life.

Anne-Marie’s love of Transformational Breath® led her to become Scotland’s first Transformational Breath® Therapist. Her extensive training has included training with Dr Judith Kravitz; the co-developer of Transformational Breath® and founder of the internationally acclaimed Transformational Breath Foundation.

Having qualified as a teacher and complementary therapist Anne-Marie specialises in Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, and relaxing and remedial Massage Therapy.

Russell Storey::

Russell StoreyRussell Storey is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Workshop Leader based in Edinburgh. Russell specialises in helping professional people bring balance, wellbeing and fulfilment to their busy (and often complex) lives with Transformational Breath®.

Originally from Australia, Russell has lived in Scotland since 2002. In this time he has balanced a corporate career with his lifelong interest in personal growth and change. Since discovering Transformational Breath® in 2010, Russell has had the opportunity to work with people from around the globe and in 2013 completed his workshop leader training in the US with Judith Kravitz, the founder of Transformational Breath®.

Ever inspired by the simplicity and power of conscious breathwork to help generate personal healing and change, Russell's mission is to help make Transformational Breath® an accessible alternative health practice that can assist anyone who chooses lead an integrated and healthy modern lifestyle.

Founder of "Connected Breath" based in Edinburgh, Russell is available for 1-2-1 consultations as well as group facilitation.

Breath facilitator: Anne-Marie Birch & Russell Storey
Website: Telephone: 0131 441 9247
Location: The Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Road, Edinburgh EH16 5AB
Date & time: The next meeting will be this Thursday (19th March) at 7.30 pm. If there are any newcomers, Anne-Marie holds an introduction at 7 pm.

Thessaloniki Breathing Circle

In a safe environment, we will first become aware of our breathing through simple breathing exercises. Concentrating on the breath helps identifying blockages in the respiratory mechanism and focus on the now. Then, we will share agreements and people will lie down in a comfortable position and will breathe in a circular way (no pause between inhalation and exhalation) for an hour long. This breathing technique (rebirthing breathwork) allows for a gradual transition to a heightened state of awareness and sensitivity (non-ordinary state of consciousness) and connects one with his/ her inner healer.

Gradually, natural and in harmony with his/ her inner needs, the participant enters a deeper state of relaxation and connects to his subconscious mind. While still conscious, releases with the help of the breath any patterns, beliefs and thoughts which do not serve him anymore.

Each session is different and unique for everyone and works experientially from the very first time. The aim of the sessions is to improve the physical and mental health, the discharge of negative charges at all levels, taking responsibility for one’s health and the integration of all techniques in everyday life.

About Nikoletta:

Tiligada Nikoletta is a certified breathworker by the Rebirthing Breathwork International foundation. Her journey in the holistic approach began in 2006 with her contact with NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) and continues until today with ongoing participation in seminars and trainings. Her desire and vision is to support people to improve their lives at all levels (physical, emotional - psychological, mental - spiritual) by applying simple, direct, effective and natural ways. She is a member of IBF (International Breathwork Foundation) and RBI (Rebirthing Breathwork International) and has completed the 2nd degree Usui Reiki.

Breath facilitator: Nikoletta Tiligada
Website: Telephone: +30 6974408043
Location: 15 Petrou Levanti str., Kalamaria, Thessaloniki
Date & time: First meeting on March, Thursday 26th, 19:00 - 22:00 EET

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