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New Breathing Circle in the South of France

Luc Enuat Carine et Luc animent ce troisième Cercle de Respiration français dès ce mois d'octobre 2012. Carine est coach de vie et co-fondatrice d'une maison de thérapeutes à Montpellier, ville près de laquelle eut lieu le Grand Congrès annuel de la Fondation Internationale du Souffle en 1998. Luc est formateur expérimenté en Rebirth ou Respiration Consciente, organisateur de séminaires d'évolution personnelle ; il représente la France auprès de la Fondation Internationale du Souffle. Carine et Luc sont amis depuis des années ; après le dernier Congrès de la Fondation Internationale du Souffle qui a lieu en Belgique en 2012, s'est imposée à eux l'idée de contribuer à un niveau local à l'expansion de la pratique du souffle conscient, un nouveau cercle de respiration était né…

Carine Dognin Carine and Luc will be facilitating this third French Breathing Circle starting in october 2012. Carine is a life coach and co-founder of a leading therapy centre in Montpellier, city of the south of France where was held the Global Inspiration Conference of the International Breathwork Foundation in 1998. Luc is an experienced rebirthing practitioner and trainer, organizer of breathwork and personal growth seminars ; he is the national coordinator for France of the International Breathwork Foundation. Carine and Luc have been friends for years ; after attending the 2012 Global Inspiration Conference in Belgium, it became obvious that they would contribute further to the expansion of conscious breathing in their own local environment, a new breathing circle was born…

Carine Dognin et Luc Enaut
Venue/Lieu: La Maison Papillon, 5 bis rue Bonnard, 34000 Montpellier
Time/Heure: 19.30h (from/à partir de Oct 2012)
Tel: 06 18 47 29 12 / 06 84 29 50 79
E-mail: ,

Burton Breathing Circle no longer running

The Burton Breathing Circle is no longer running as the facilitor, Julie Ann Horrox, is moving home soon. She intends to set-up a new Breathing Circle in Ashcott nr Glastonbury this autumn.

A BIG thank you to Julie Ann for all her work. Her circle was only the third to start up at the beginning in 2007

Change of address for Gent Breathing Circle

The Gent Breathing Circle has changed venue - see the details below.

Griet Verstraete
Venue: Koningsdal 39, 9000 Gent, Belgium
Tel: 0032 499 866 367

New facilitators for Birmingham circle

Welcome to the new facilitators of the Birmingham circle Jane Upton and Val Jenner.

Thank you Andria for starting this circle and running it beautifully! Best wishes on your journey.

Jane Upton and Val Jenner
Venue: Centre Aum, 834 Yardley Wood Road, Moseley, B13 OJE

Report from London Herne Hill Breathing Circle

Béatrice Garoche Message from Béatrice:

Thanks you to those of you who came to our FIRST BREATHING CIRCLE in London - Herne Hill - on Tuesday 29 May 2012 HOW DID IT GO? By the end of the evening, the worries.. the fears.. the questions.. the physical discomfort, which people came with, were gone. What was present was the sweetness of the connections, to themselves, to everyone in the room, and to the universe. We were taken by surprise: by the peace we experienced, by the simplicity and the power of the breath which produced the connections.. The air was different.. it was tangible. I was moved... I love it when people let go and feel spacious. Thank you for coming to our FIRST breathing circle.

A personal share:

During a breathwork session with Sondra Ray I was able to identify clearly a a deep seated fear of being seen, and to let go of it. During the breathing it felt as if my cells were being reprogrammed. It had acted as a limit in my life, stopping me from running ongoing support groups, and to be known widely for what I do. Since then, I have experienced a real shift in my life. This photograph is such an expression of my new freedom and joy of being seen, I wanted to share it with you. I was at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, and I had such a lovely time.. giving away my new cards and wearing the address of my website on my neckless.. it was fun.. being seen and connecting with people there.

The possibilities when we let go are endless.

Béatrice Garoche
Venue: Herne Hill, London
Tel: 020 7274 6603
Mob: 07799 67 2624

New Breathing Circle in Russia

A new Breathing Circle is starting in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This group is facilitated by Tatiana Ginzburg. Mettings will be on the published Breathing Circle days and will start at 18:00 local time.

Tatiana Ginzburg
Venue: Saint-Petersburg, Furshtatskaya 12, 34

New venue for Falkirk Breathing Circle

UPDATE: The Falkirk Breathing Circle is no longer active.

Facilitator Morag Wylie has restarted the Falkirk Breathing Circle at a new venue:

Morag Wylie
Venue: Reddingmuirhead Community Hall, Shieldhill Road, Reddingmuirhead, Falkirk, FK2 0DT
Tel: 01324 714974

January 2012 circle updates

Auckland Breathing Circle - new venue
9 Abbeygate street
Auckland 0626
New Zealand

Berg en Dal Breathing Circle - no longer running

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