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Breathing Circle Starting in İstanbul, Turkey!

"My name is Sibel Kavunoğlu and breath has affected big change in my life. I have enjoyed this wonderful experience since 2005. I would like to share this amazing technique with people who would like to change their life and wish to discover a new reality. We have a big conscious breathing family in Turkey, so if you are around Istanbul, please come and participate in our new Breathing Circle! The circle starts on 30 November, which is the last Tuesday."

Breath facilitator: Sibel Kavunoğlu
Telephone: 0554 268 02 87
Venue: Boyalı Köşk Sok Yurt Apt. No:11 /2 Arnavutköy- İstanbul

New Breathing Circle in Spain

This new Breathing Circle in Empuriabrava, Catalunya starts on October 26.

Coordinator Masha Pradhan says "We’ll be officially starting the new Breathing Circle "Círculo de Respiración Empuriabrava", Catalunya, Spain. Looking forward to enjoy the huge group energy. We would love to Breath, Share and Grow together!"

Breath facilitator: Núria Romaguera
Coordinator: Masha Pradhan
Telephone: +34 667 51 22 90
Venue: Empuriabrava, Av. del Port, s/n, Club Nàutic - Espacio Arco Iris

Breathing Circle Arrives in the USA

Leonard Orr trained breathworker Peace Arnold has picked up the Breathing Circle baton and got it going in the USA. She is based in New York and will run the inaugral USA Breathing Circle from her Manhattan home on September 28, 2010. She says "The NYC Breathing Circle will be learning a breathing rhythm and how to use it, separate and apart from the full guided Rebirthing-Breathwork session. I’ve used this method, along with guided sessions for 6 years now, and have received great personal benefit. This gentle practice was taught to me by Leonard Orr, along with a few other practices I have been working with over the course of the last 20 years as a Healing Arts practitioner. I’ve used these practices with patients in Pain Management clinics in NYC effectively. Participants learn effective techniques for clearing emotional energy blocks, the pain and tension associated with it, as well as inducing relaxation and returning to a state of more optimal function. We shift the focus our attention from the mental noise and painful story running in our minds, to the gentle breath and life within. A world of enhanced well being awaits you!"

Facilitator: Peace Arnold
Telephone: 917-579-1449
Venue: 70 Park Terrace East, Inwood West Side, N of the GW Bridge, Manhattan, New York, USA

Simultaneously, the second Breathing Circle in the USA will be gathering under the experienced facilitation of Bonnie Johns and Santosh at Inspiration University, the training center for Rebirth International in Waynesboro, VA. Inspiration University joins the Breathing Circle on September 28th 7pm-10pm and groups will run monthly from that point onwards, in addition to the other breathwork events at the centre. Bonnie Johns and Santosh will be starting off as co-facilitators, joined by other members of the community and visiting trainers. Please contact Bonnie Johns for further information on the Inspiration University breathe.

Facilitator: Bonnie Johns and Santosh
Telephone: (540) 885-0551
Venue: Inspiration University, Rebirth International, 200 Parker Heights Road, Waynesboro, VA 22980, USA

London Breathing Circle Update

Experienced facilitator and trainer Jane Okondo of Lovesbody is the new facilitator for the London Breathing Circle group which she will run monthly in Blackheath. Jane has been working in private practice in the healing arts since 1994, drawing from her skills as an integrative breath therapist, craniosacral practitioner and art therapist. In Breath therapy she trained with Sondra Ray; Diana Roberts, Ben Renshaw, Dan Brule, Bob Mandel and Leonard Orr. She says about her work "I create programs that allow people to escape from living within the survival circuit and open to living life from deep relaxation, health, and creativity, both within their being, and throughout their daily life." The London Breathing Circle will be facilitated with support from other experienced breathworkers.

Facilitator: Jane Okondo
Telephone: 07500 838 563
Venue: Friends' Meeting House, Lawn Terrace, Blackheath, London, SE3 9LL

Breathing Circles Get Underway in Ireland

The Breathing Circle network has started in the Emerald Isle under the guidance of Michael Blake. Michael decided at the Global Inspiration Conference 2010 to take action to develop further awareness of Conscious breathwork in Ireland. A second circle is being planned for County Mayo under the facilitation of Mary Naylor. Welcome Michael, Mary and Ireland to the Breathing Circle!

Facilitator: Michael Blake
Telephones from abroad: +353 094 954 6666
Venue: Heart Space, Dooroy House, Clonbur, Co. Galway Ireland

Facilitator: Mary Naylor
Telephones from abroad: +353 096 70 102
Venue: Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Eastern Europe joins the Breathing Revolution!

Experienced breath, bodywork and tantric practitioner Natalya Stepuk leads the Ukraine into the Breathing Circle this month. Her practice is based in Kiev and has introduced many people to the healing power of breath and other transformative practices. Her Tuesday night group coincides with the Breathing Circle each month and is a introductory level breath group, open to anyone with any level of experience. Natalya is happy about conscious breath becoming recognised worldwide and she invites "All are welcome to breathe with us!" Welcome to Breathing Circle - Natalya and the Ukraine!

Facilitator: Natalya Stepuk
Telephones from abroad: +38 136 07 07
Venue: str.Ivana Franka 18-a, off.1, Kiev, Ukraine

Israel Breathes with the Rest of the World

The first meeting of Northern Israel Breathing Circle takes place on August 27th. The venue is the center 'Omna', at Kibbutz Sede Nechemia in the Upper Galilee of Israel. The second circle takes place a week later in Tel Aviv at the 'Coma' house at 6 Beit Yosef St. It is a seeding time for the idea and hence the intensively of the two events. In the future our meetings in Israel will synchronise with the rest of the world. We are pleased to be adding our energy to this beautiful idea.

Facilitator: Raanan Gidron
Telephones from abroad: 972-(0)52-4687096, 972-(0)4-6947415
Venue: 'Omna', Kibbutz Sede Nechemia, Upper Galilee of Israel

Kenya invites Africa to Take Deep Breath

Daniel Marungu and Vincent Oloo are well known in the breathwork world for pioneering the use of Transformational breath techniques as a way of contending with the social challenges in their area. Poverty, unemployment, crime and disease such as HIV and AIDS are common place and the TIBA Foundation offers its visitors a new way to handle these challenges. They offer low cost breathing workshops and guidance sessions for people living in the slum areas of Nairobi. Their work is funded entirely by donations and they are always keen to receive support for their courageous projects. In August they join us in starting a Breathing Circle which will meet monthly to introduce more people to the benefits of conscious breathwork. Welcome Africa to the Breathing Circle!

Nairobi Breathing Circle
The Buddhist Temple
Loresho, Nairobi
Contact: Daniel and Vincent
00254 720 960 115 / 721 691 553

Global Inspiration for Breathing Circle

The Global Inspiration Conference, Spain was a great chance for breathwork professionals from all over the world to meet and breathe together. The Breathing Circle initiative was welcomed at the conference and in coming months new Breathing Circles are spreading around Europe. In September we welcome new groups in Belgium, Holland and one in West Midlands, UK. It is empowering to connect monthly with people all over the world simply through sharing a breathing session. Breathing Circle is open to any breathwork modality and all the new circles listed below are facilitated by our colleagues from the Transformational Breath movement. Welcome TB to the Breathing Circle! Step by step the network is growing and breathwork is becoming more widely practiced worldwide. For information on the new groups read on…

Gent Breathing Circle (Belgium) - September 2010

In September Griet Verstraete starts the Breathing Circle up in Belgium. A dedicated breath professional, she has recently graduated from the Transformational Breath facilitators training in Italy. Griet is a committed member of the International Breathwork Foundation administration team and produces a bilingual publication for breathworkers called ‘Breath & Inspiration’.

Contact: Griet Verstraete
Venue: 't Rietveld - Herlegemstraat 3 - 9040 Sint Amandsberg, Gent, Belgium
Tel: 0032 499 866 367

Birmingham, UK Breathing Circle - September 2010

West Midlands is the first region in the UK to have two Breathing Circles - the inaugural group in Leamington Spa and now a second starting in Birmingham - just up the road! My close friend and breathwork colleague Andria Falk will be leading the Birmingham group in Transformational Breath practice every last Tuesday of the month. Check the Transformational Breath websites for more information on TB events in the UK and abroad.

Contact: Andria Falk (Transformational Breath Facilitator)
Venue: Centre Aum, 834 Yardley Wood Road, Moseley, B13 OJE
Tel: 0121 449 7705

Amsterdam Breathing Circle - September 2010

The Netherlands is joining the Breathing Circle movement with a Transformational Breath Circle in Amsterdam. Wilna Eenkhoorn, TB facilitator, works with colleagues supporting people who are new to breathwork each last Tuesday of the month. The circle starts at 19.45 until 22.00.

Contact: Wilna Eenkhoorn (Transformational Breath Facilitator)
Venue: Kadoelenweg 168, Amsterdam Noord, Netherlands

Last Chance to Attend the 5-day Breathing Workshop in 2010!

In April 2010 Leamington Spa Breathing Circle joined with other participants to undertake a 5-day Breathwork retreat at Croydon Hall in Somerset. The response to the training was superb and several other people have requested that we run it again. So - for the second time in 2010 the 5-day Introductory module will be open to anyone who wants an intensive immersion into breath practice. It is a profound and enjoyable program which leads many participants towards a desire for practitioner training. The dates for the module are August 18-22 and there are currently places still available. See for more information and an application form.

New Breathing Circle In Shropshire

Francois Ward and Valerie Meehan host the newly formed Shropshire Breathing Circle. They are both trained by Leonard Orr and offer a safe and peaceful environment to discover the power of Breathwork.

Contact: Valerie Meehan & Francois Ward
Venue: Westhope Near Craven Arms , Shropshire, SY7 9LG
Tel: 01584 861505

Breathing Circle Participants Complete 5-day Workshop

In April 2010 Leamington Spa Breathing Circle joined with other participants to undertake a 5-day Breathwork retreat at Croydon Hall in Somerset. The 8 participants were supported by Natalia Brown and Julieann Horrox (Bournemouth Breathing Circle) and they journeyed deeply into self-awareness covering areas such as suppressed birth experience; family patterns and negative self-belief. The main focus of the module was to evolve conscious communication techniques which will be developed in the next module. Some participants have expressed an interest in practitioner training which will continue later in 2010.

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