Welcome to Breathing Circle

Take a deep breath and relax into the brand new Breathing Circle website. Here you will find ways of accessing deep relaxation, connection with like-minded people and learn a simple spiritual practice for inner calm and every day healing.

So, what is Breathing Circle?
Breathing Circle is a network of people who are committed to:

  • Health and healing through breathing practice
  • Self-healing through transformational energy states
  • Conscious community meetings and workshops

Most of all, Breathing Circle people are into breathing with awareness. Since this simple practice has affected positive change in our lives we meet once a month to celebrate the breath and introduce other people to this transformational tool. Breathing Circle groups are on the last Tuesday of the month, every month. All Breathing Circle locations and facilitators are on the ‘Find a Circle’ page.

News Summary

Sydney Breathing Circle

Another Breathing Circle for Australia. This one's run by Ghislaine Bouskila in the Woolloomooloo district of Sydney.

South Dublin Breathing Circle

Claire Haugh and Michael Blake start their second Breathing Circle this time in South Dublin.

Cradley Breathing Circle

Amanda Phillips starts a new circle in Worcestershire, UK

Hawkes Bay Breathing Circle restarts

Helle Mortenson is back at her practice and running the monthly Breathing Circle in New Zealand

Athens Breathing Circle

Matoula Piscopani & Paul Jones have started a new Breathing Circle in Athens

Huizen Breathing Circle

There is a new Dutch Breathing circle in Huizen organised by Gjalt Vlam

Manchester Breathing Circle

Irene Barnett has a new Breathing Circle in Whalley Range, Manchester.

Missoula Breathing Circle

A new Breathing Circle for the USA run by Jenn Marichelli in Missoula, MT

Maine Breathing Circle

Another USA circle. This one is in Maine run by Sarah White.

Dublin Breathing Circle

A second new Breathing Circle for Dublin - facilitated by Kasia Kolek

Caracas Breathing Circle

Mariedys Nater has started a circle in Venezuela.

Girona Breathing Circle

VĂ©ronique Batter has started a circle in Catalunya, Spain.

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Important information: “Breathing Circle promotes the use of Conscious Breathwork as an effective route to self-healing. We support a range of breathwork modalities and are not limited to one specific practice. We encourage group leaders to be experienced in facilitation of group breathwork practices, but we do not guarantee their expertise or professionalism. Breathing Circle always encourages discernment and self-responsibility when selecting a therapist or group breathwork leader.”

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