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Petersfield Breathing Circle starts in November

Mark Conrad A new Breathing Circling, run by Mark Conrad, is starting in Petersfield, Hampshire. The first meeting will be Tuesday 29th November.

From Mark:

I have been working in natural health for nine years, exploring numerous practices around the world for my own benefit and to spread knowledge to others. In 2006 I was introduced to Breathwork, started attending the yearly Global Inspiration Conferences and met Natalia who started these circles.

Breathwork has given me an enormous amount in terms of mental clarity, increased motivation, energy and wellbeing and I believe it will do the same for anyone. I have seen Breathwork deliver improvements in all kinds of health conditions, lift people out of depression, and shift people into a much fuller and richer experience of life in so many ways.

A Breathwork session needs no particular goal, yet always brings some new and refreshing change to our perception of life and a deeper connection to reality.

I have trained with Leonard Orr, with Natalia, and participated in numerous workshops covering many styles of Breathwork at the annual conferences. I am very pleased to be starting a circle in my home town of Petersfield, Hampshire and welcome anyone who would like to join us.

Mark Conrad
Venue: Worcester House, 4 Dragon Street, Petersfield, Hants, GU31 4JD
Tel: 01730 268040 / 07970 275710

Second French Breathing Circle

Lynne Thorsen A new French Brething Circle has started in South West France facilitated by Lynne Thorsen.

From Lynne:

Lynne est une Australienne vivant dans les régions rurales du Sud Ouest de la France. Elle est une thérapeute holistique qualifié et est actuellement en deuxième année d'un diplôme de trois ans dans «Processus Source et Respiration Consciente".

Elle a décidé de lancer un cercle de respiration consciente pour gagner en expérience et de créer des connexions dans le souffle dans sa région.

Le processus de «respiration consciente» offre la possibilité de libérer du passé, de guérir les croyances négatives, de créer la relaxation et la paix intérieure et promouvoir la santé et le bien-être. Il est un moyen fantastique pour accéder à notre "guide intérieur" et réaliser notre plein potentiel.

Lynne demande un petit don pour assister à la respiration Cercle, qui couvrira tous les coûts associés avec le Cercle et le reste sera versé à un organisme de bienfaisance de choix du Cercle.

Lynne Thorsen
Venue/Lieu: Sadillac, 47120, St Pierre sur Dropt, Lot et Garonne
Time/Heure: 19.30h (Commencing Oct 2011)
Tel: +33 (0)6 85 22 12 61

First Breathing Circle for Australia

Alakh Analda This month sees the first Australian Breathing Circle with experienced rebirthing trainer Alakh Analda starting a group in Byron Bay.

From Alakh:
Circle meets 6.30pm - 10 pm last Tuesday of each month.
Bring your own mat to lie on and a pillow and blanket/cover. Donation (towards costs and a charity) - $20 or more.
Please email or text confirmation of your attendance.

Alakh Analda
Venue: 25 Mia Court, North Ocean Shores, NSW 2483
Tel: +61 413 167 688

Breathing Circle arrives in New Zealand

Paul James & Matoula Piscopani will by facilitating the first New Zealand Breathing Circle. They're Based in the North Beach area of Aukland.

Paul James & Matoula Piscopani
Venue: 9 Abbeygate street, Birkdale, Auckland 0626, New Zealand
Tel: +64 (0) 212072754

First Breathing Circle in Scotland - Falkirk

UPDATE: The Falkirk Breathing Circle is no longer active.

The new Falkirk Breathing circle is facilitated by Morag Wylie. She discovered Transformational Breathing in 2005 and now runs regular workshops and a breath group in Glasgow, as well as one to one sessions in Falkirk and Edinburgh.

From Morag:
Transformational Breathing transformed my life so much that I felt inspired to become a facilitator myself travelling initially to the Netherlands in 2008 to do my training then Turkey in 2010 to do my teacher training. My vision is to empower others who may be in the pit of life to take charge of their own health and transform their lives and well-being through breathwork.

Morag Wylie
Venue: The Angus Williamson Complementary Therapy Centre, 12a Burnbank Road, Falkirk FK2 7PE
Tel: 01324 714974

Another Circle for California - Los Angeles

Stone Somerled trained with and certified by Julia Mikk, Creator of Breath of Love & Leonard Orr creator of Rebirthing Breathwork.

He will be assisted by Raven Nalika Rose a certified Expressive Arts Facilitator, Tantrika and Breathworker.

From Stone:
"I have assisted hundreds of people through this amazing process, since first experiencing it about four years ago. Breath of Love and rebirthing have changed my life and continues to do so on a daily basis. Each session holds new wonders, healing and a profound connection to Spirit. You can read about my experiences at An additional offering for those who wish to do private sessions I will give a special price for the 10 session package which includes private coaching sessions and membership to a special healing circle."

Note: This circle will start in April, but there willl be no meeting in May. It will then be monthly from June onwards.

Stone Somerled
Venue: 19830 Rose Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90034, USA
Tel: 626.325.4709

New Breathing Circle in Italy

Milena ScremMilan Breathing Circle is a connection of breathworkers, sharing a passion for breath and life. This breathing group was born some months Ago in a training group and it is going to expand into the Breathing Circle network!

Anyone who wishes to experience conscious breathing and connection, is welcome to join us for Breathing Circle each month. Insight is a unique reality in Italy where Breathwork and Counselling have been combined to support human development and to train breathwork counsellors.

Do you live far from Milan? Some other circles in different Italian cities will start soon. In the meanwhile, contact Milena for details.

Milena Screm
Venue: Via Guido d'Arezzo, 19 - 20145 Milano - Italy
Tel: +39-3683012623

New Circle in Fort Lauderdale, USA

Denise DobbsDenise Dobbs has been practicing the very powerful modality of Rebirthing Breathwork since 2005. She has undergone training with a multitude of highly qualified teachers including Sondra Ray, Leonard Orr, and Bob Frissell. Denise feels that working with such a diverse spectrum of teachers has contributed greatly to the cultivation of her own unique style and the ability to accommodate such a wide range of clients in her practice. In addition to her work with private clients Denise is very active in the rebirthing Community. She works with Bob Frissell ( the facilitation of "The Breath of Life" trainings, and is the Florida organizer for the founder of rebirthing Breathwork, Leonard Orr (

Denise believes in a diverse and well rounded approach to self healing and so as a compliment to her own personal Breathwork practice, she has utilized other techniques such as Vipasana meditation and Jungian Shadow work. Through this introspective exploration of consciousness Denise has come to understand the importance of honoring each individuals unique journey and can offer assistance to others in letting go of their stories.

Rebirthing Breathwork has been very powerful in Denise's own personal life. Through her practice, she has been able to release very deep emotional conflicts and even healed herself of physical ailments such as her chronic back pain. The breath is a powerful healing force that cleanses and renews. Denise truly believes that breathing fully and freely facilitates the experience of optimal health of the mind, body, and spirit and her work is in providing skillful and nurturing guidance and support in this powerful process. We live in an age where more and more of us are recognizing our innate healing powers and coming to realize the infinite potential of the human experience. Through the modality of Rebirthing Breathwork Denise strives to show you the infinite healing power within so that you can realize the full potential in all that you do.

Denise Dobbs
Venue: Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale 33441, USA
Tel: 954 815-1397

First ever "Zen Shop" Breathing Circle

UPDATE: This group is no longer active.

Christina Wright The Midlands sees another Breathing Circle start this month with a second group starting in Birmingham. Christina will be facilitating a Rebirthing Breathwork group in Digbeth at the crystal and healing shop ‘Zen’. She has been a practicing breathworker for a number of years and trained with the Artemis Foundation. Christina offered an introductory talk at Zen in November which was well received and she feels this is the perfect time to start her circle. All are welcome to attend.

Christina Wright
Venue: The Zen Shop, 162 Digbeth Court, Digbeth. Birmingham B12 0LD

New San Francisco Breathing Circle

A student of Leonard Orr (founder of the worldwide Breathwork movement, Mahendra draws from a variety of yogic breathing modalities, including Holotropic, Clarity Breathwork, and Anapanasati. He received his first breathwork training in 2005 and since then has been leading private and group sessions as a rebirthing practitioner. Beside the formal breathwork training, Mahendra Briksha has also trained in the anatomy of breathing.

He combines Integral Insights, Hindu Yogic practices, and Buddhist wisdom in his teaching. He is a longtime Vipassana meditation practitioner and has done several long silent retreats up to 30 days. Briksha's main focus is Yoga of Conscious Breathing and Eating (Spiritual Nutrition). By using various tools and techniques of Integral Yoga and coaching, he creates a powerful environment to explore the journey of this mysterious Human Body with the breath, finding everything there, as it is said in an Asian proverb: 'What you can’t find in your Body, you will not find anywhere. He holds regular workshops on breathwork and teaches Breath Flow Yoga in San Francisco bay area. To know more about his work and teaching go to or

Mahendra Ananda Briksha
Venue: Yoga Society, 2872 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 USA
Tel: 415.285.5537

Mexico joins Breathing Circle

Alicia is an experienced facilitator who specialises in techniques such as Transformational Breathing and Family Constellations. She is excited to join the worldwide Breathing Circle network with her group located in Mexico City. The group starts in March 2010 and further details are available from Alicia directly. Welcome Mexico and Alicia!

"La respiración es la puerta entre el mundo visible e invisible"
"The Breath is the gateway between the visible and invisible world." Babaji

¡Bienvenid@! Inhala… exhala… y entra en el Círculo de la Respiración. Abre los patrones restrictivos de tu respiración para mejorar e incrementar tus niveles de energía y bienestar, relájate profundamente, conecta con gente como tu y aprende una simple práctica espiritual para lograr el balance interior en tu vida diaria.

Welcome! Inhale… exhale… and enter the Breathing Circle. Open restrictive breathing patterns to improve and to increase your energy level and sense of well-being, access deep relaxation, connect with like-minded people and learn a simple spiritual practice to achieve inner balance in your daily life.
Alicia Velázquez Bermen

Certificada en la Fundación de Respiración Transformadora.
Graduada de la Escuela de Sanación de Barbara Brennan.

Certified in the Transformational Breath Foundation as facilitator and Cotrainer.
Graduate in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Martes 29 de Marzo a las 7 pm.Donativo $200 Reserva tu lugar en CONTACTO
Tuesday March 29th, 7 pm.Donation $200 Reserve your space in CONTACTO

Traer ropa cómoda, un sleeping bag o cobija y almohadas.
Bring comfortable clothes, a mat, a blanket or sleeping bag & pillows.

*Los Círculos de Respiración son solo una introducción a la respiración y se impartirán los últimos Martes en Marzo, Abril y Mayo (Primavera)
* The Breathing Circles are just an introduction to the breathing and will take place the last Tuesday in March, April and May (Spring)

Alicia Velázquez Berumen
Venue: Re-creo Center, Luis Kuhne 81, Las Aguilas, Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico
Tel: 56515788

Birmingham Breathing Circle Update

Birmingham Breathing Circle January 2011"Here is a photo of our Birmingham Breathing Circle started in September 2010. In the heart of a big industrial and regional centre, the Meridian Centre (formerly called Centre Aum) where we meet is a small oasis of calm and tranquillity. Our Circle fluctuates between 4 and 12 people and each month we have new people come who have never experienced connected breathing or Transformational Breath before. People new to the breath come an hour early for an explanation, demo and short experience of what Transformational Breath involves. There is also time for each new member to have their breathing analysed if they would like to.

The mix of new and established group members is lovely and people new to the breath seem to really value the connection with experienced breathers that is not possible in an introductory group and a strong connection and energy is quickly established. We especially love the fact that we are breathing in synchrony with other groups around the world, some far away though in the same time zone, such as Kenya.

We have adopted a format where we connect together and with other groups via a short breathing meditation and set an intention for ourselves and the other groups. We then have time for sharing anything that resonates for us, or thoughts from readings or similar. If there is time and space we may then do an energetic dance ‘Kundalini’. We then have a full breathing session of about an hour. We keep a special notebook where we write anything we may wish to remember, such as personal intentions."

Andria Falk (Transformational Breath Facilitator)
Venue: Meridian Centre, 834 Yardley Wood Road, Moseley, B13 OJE
Tel: 0121 449 7705

France Joins Breathing Circle!

"Hello, I’m Christine Paccot, a rebirthing practitioner trained by Moncia Barbier and Dr. Michel Fabre in Lyon, France. Our guest trainers have been Diana Roberts (UK), Patsy Brennan (Ireland), Bo Wahlström (Sweden), Rhonda Levands, Jordan xxx, Bob Mandel, Sondra Ray (USA), Patrice Ellequain (Paris). With two of my colleagues we started rebirthing evenings that are like Breathing Circle. I just found out about Breathing Circle via the IBF home page and I would like to join in, to be connected with other people breathing the same time as us. We breathe on Tuesday evenings, including the last Tuesday of the month."

Starting from august 30th, the dates will be on the last Tuesday of a month.
Till then, the dates are Tuesday, March 15th, April 19th, May 10th and 31st , June 7th and 28th.

Breath facilitator: Christine Paccot
Telephone: 06 07 89 84 41
Venue: 2, rue de Thou, 69001 Lyon, France

New Breathing Circle for Cornwall, UK

The Hayloft Breathing Sessions in Cornwall, UK with Amanda Shell will be powerfully transformative, magickal and enchanting. Amanda creates a safe space in which to meet, share, unravel and release that which we are ready to let go of and welcome pure positive creative energy. This cleanses the emotional body, allowing space for higher vibration energy. Each session we set a personal positive intention for that which we wish to call into our life to support, becoming all that we are. We may invite nature spirits to support our work and during the warmer months, we may choose to breathe outside in a magickal garden close to a purifying fire - welcoming the elemental realms to bless and support our healing. Amanda has worked in the field of holistic therapy for over 25yrs and is committed to personal and global transformation.

She creates transformational healing journey's for groups and individuals, calling upon her innate wisdom and intuition she uses dance/movement, breath, shamanism, faerie magick, meditation, massage and yoga.

Breath facilitator: Amanda Shell
Telephone: 07789 800406
Venue: St. Newlyn East, Newquay, Cornwall, TR8 5LW

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