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Mechelen Breathing Circle

Marcel Gerrits Starting in October we have a another Breathing Circle in Belgium. This one is based in Mechelen and will be facilitated by Marcel Gerrits.

About Marcel:

In 2002, I realised that I was not happy at all, I over-used my mind, but could hardly feel any emotions and lost connection with my body. So I started with Body-work and other healing techniques until I learned how powerful your own breath can be and how it can change your life. Transformational Breath made the difference for me, I can connect now my body-mind-emotions-soul.

I am sharing Transformational Breath since 2005. It is my mission to share the amazing results with anyone who is interested in the fantastic healing effects of this method. Please contact me for individual sessions, workshops and weekend/week trainings. These trainings can be held anywhere on the planet!

Breath facilitator: Marcel Gerrits
Telephone: 0489/691990
Location: Mechelen, details to follow when signing up
Date & time: last Tuesday of the month, start 19:30 end 22:00
Contribution: €20

A belated welcome for Shrewsbury Breathing Circle

We are happy to welcome Jenny Brooke's breathing group to Breathing Circle. It seems they have already been going for 20 years! So this is a somewhat belated welcome.

Jenny began rebirthing in 1985 and was with British Rebirth Society until about 12 years ago. Now she simply works independently.
Jenny and her husband John host the Shrewsbury Circle. The group does not always meet on the usual last Tuesday, but meets each month on a Wednesday.

Breath facilitator: Jenny Brooke
Telephone: 01743 884963
Venue: Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

New details for Lyon Breathing Circle

There is a new phone number and two new addresses for the Lyon Breathing Circle.

The main venue we now be:
152, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 69500 Bron
Face à l'arrêt de tramway Bron Hôtel de Ville. Parking gratuit (Hôtel de Ville).

Sometimes (when there is a larger attendance) the following address may be used:
18, rue Serge Mauroit, 38090 Villefontaine
Parking gratuit (Casino).

Breath facilitator: Christine Paccot
Telephone: +33 (06) 12 60 23 53
Venue: 152, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 69500 Bron, France

First Breathing Circle for India

Kapila Ramakrishnan and his partner have started a new Breathing Circle in Bangalore, India. The circle is open to those who have participated in the 2 days "Master Your Breath, Master Your Life" workshop, people who have experienced personal breathwork sessions, as well as to first-timers who are open and willing to experience the power of Breathwork.

The duration of the Breathing Circle is approximately 2 hours. Sessions may take lesser or more time depending on what emerges. Please allow for 30 minutes more.
10 minutes practice of Complete/Yogic Breathing - this is a deep belly breathing exercise with numerous medically proven benefits.
5 minutes of Breath Awareness, sitting in silence with the self.
A 15 minute introduction to the breathwork session. Each month we have a different focus. For eg: Clearing blocks in attracting abundance into your life. (or) Letting go of Anxiety.
1 hour Breathwork session
15 minutes for Sharing
10 minutes of Breath Awareness, sitting in silence with the self.

You are requested to offer a minimum of Rs.500 per session, which will help sustain the circles. However, no one is turned away from the Breathing Circle for lack of funds.


This Breathing Circle comes together usually on the 1st Sunday of every month. Next circle - Sunday APRIL 6th, 10.30 am
Confirmed dates will be sent by email and put up on the Facebook group page "Master Your Breath, Master Your Life" and "Breathing Circle" . Please join the FB groups.

Space is limited so please confirm your attendance ahead of time. If for some reason you cannot attend please inform in advance so someone else on the waitlist can benefit from the opportunity. The person next in line in the waitlist will be informed if there are any cancellations.

Kapila Ramakrishnan
Venue: The yoga hall of Vriksh Restaurant, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore, India
Phone: +91 9538965262

The 50th Breathing Circle is created!

A new breathing circle facilitated by Jacqui Storm in Bath, UK takes us to an amazing 50 circles in 17 different countries worldwide. The Breathing Circle initiative started in 2009 as a simple way to connect people who are inspired by Conscious Breathing through a collective breathing session once a month. The Breathing Circle connects people from all traditions, modalities and backgrounds. We include participants who join us every month from home where they breathe alone and groups who practice group breathing or partnered exchange sessions. The 24 hour period in which we breathe is started by Breathing Circles in New Zealand and Australia and the day continues with breathers connecting through all time zones around the World. We dedicate our practice to personal and planetary healing and many groups send the donations from the Breathing Circle on to charities that helps people to access personal support through challenging times. Thank you to all the established groups - especially to the facilitators who give their time and energy to this initiative each month and provide it with the momentum to keep getting stronger. Blessings to all. Natalia brown (founder)

Bath Breathing Circle

Jacqui Storm Profile: My Name name is Jacqui Storm and I have been on a journey for health most of my life. I am always on a mission to improve both the mind and body. I have come to believe after many years of practice that stress is the underlying factor to ill health of any sort. The breath is the key to change this forever, not only does the breath relieve such ailments as chronic back pain but it also re-ignites the patients interest and motivation into self help like no other form of therapy I have come across. My Breath Work training is ongoing with Avalon Institute of Rebirthing (AIR) & Sondra Ray’s Liberation Breathing. Jacqui Storm, Life's Breath

Note: Bath Breathing Circle meets on Thursdays - please contact the group leader to check dates in advance.

Jacqui Storm
Venue: Widcombe Room, Manver St. Baptist Church, Bath, Somerset
Mob: 07868 890388

Genève Breathing Circle

Alev Gürzumar has started a Breathing Circle in Genève. Sessions will be Tuesdays 18:30 - 20:30. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a pillow to support your head.

There will be charge of 50 CHF and those wishing to attend are asked to reserve a place before attending.

Alev Gürzumar
Venue: Aiki Juku Dojo, 14 bis Rue Giuseppe Motta, 1202 Genève
Mob: 079 772 33 46

Canterbury Breathing Circle

Sally and Chris trained with Andy and Ella Portman also with Leanard Orr. They both love Breathwork and use it in there own lives, to bridges the gap between the survival brain and the interlect enabling us to become aware of our patterns of resistance as we allow the feelings. Also helps us to uncover our spiritual purpose.

First Circle is Tuesday 28th January 7pm £10 donation.

Sally Stonier and Chris De Cruz
Venue: The Spiral Studio in Bekesbourne Kent (near Canterbury) CT4 5EN
Tel: 01227 832268
Mob: 07967499660

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