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The first Breathing Circle started in Leamington Spa in March 2009 and since then other circles have started.

We envisage that in time there may be a monthly Breathing Circle in each county of Britain - and maybe other countries too. So - if there isn’t a circle near you as yet…why not start one? After all, if we can breathe together - then maybe we can live together more joyfully!

Here are a few guidelines to starting a Breathing Circle:

  1. Breathing Circle is open to anyone interested in conscious breathwork, it is facilitated by an experienced breathwork professional.
  2. The session is from 6.30/7.00pm-10.00pm on the last Tuesday of the month, so that all circles are meeting at the same time. If you are not a practitioner, but interested in breathwork, then consider hosting a circle and inviting a breathwork facilitator to the group. Contact us by phone or e-mail for support in starting a circle. We have good publicity posters which may help to promote your new group.
  3. Breathing Circle opens with a silent or guided meditation/attunement and each session provides space for group participants to share experiences and breathe together. The conscious breathwork session is supported by an experienced facilitator.
  4. Groups operate on a donations basis, so people can attend whether or not they have the means to pay. We recommend a minimum donation of £10 per person. Costs for the group are covered from the donations, and it is at the discretion of the host whether they want to send the further proceeds to other good causes.

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Important information: “Breathing Circle promotes the use of Conscious Breathwork as an effective route to self-healing. We support a range of breathwork modalities and are not limited to one specific practice. We encourage group leaders to be experienced in facilitation of group breathwork practices, but we do not guarantee their expertise or professionalism. Breathing Circle always encourages discernment and self-responsibility when selecting a therapist or group breathwork leader.”

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