Conscious Breath Exercise for Beginners: 20 connected breaths through the nose

Breath sustains life - without it we wouldn’t last long. Learning to breathe more fully, is learning to live more fully. Breathwork is a skill for life - it initiates a system of self-healing which keeps the mind, body and spirit in connection. Breathing with awareness is sometimes called ‘conscious breathing’ and it is a very simple thing to learn.

Suitable for:Everyone
Healthful benefits:  Increased concentration, energy, realisations, peace, reduction in stress and emotional balance


  1. Sit in a comfortable chair or lie on your back with arms and legs unfolded and relaxed. Eyes open or closed.
  2. Breathe in and out through your nose with no gap between the breaths. The breaths are gentle and relaxed with no ‘pushing’.
  3. Breathe cycles of 5 with the 5th breath longer and stronger.
  4. Repeat a set of 4 x 5 breaths until 20 breaths have been connected.
  5. Relax after the process, stand up slowly if feeling dizzy. Repeat as desired.

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Important information: “Breathing Circle promotes the use of Conscious Breathwork as an effective route to self-healing. We support a range of breathwork modalities and are not limited to one specific practice. We encourage group leaders to be experienced in facilitation of group breathwork practices, but we do not guarantee their expertise or professionalism. Breathing Circle always encourages discernment and self-responsibility when selecting a therapist or group breathwork leader.”

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