Breathing Story

Written by Natalia Brown

Simple, beautiful, life-supporting breath is at the core of all living experience - physical, emotional and even spiritual states are governed by how we breathe.

The amazing part is that few of us have ever been taught to breathe in a healthy and beneficial way. So, like most people, when poor breathing habits developed in my life they went unchecked, until my physical and emotional health degenerated.

A chance meeting with a breathwork practitioner in 2000 started me on a path with breathwork which has since become the central passion of my life. Over the last decade I have experienced many changes which previously I would never have thought possible. My physical body is in a more energized state - various ailments have been relieved - but this is the tip of the iceberg. My whole perspective on existence has shifted - for the first time I have a sense of purpose which is deeper than the mundane reality of earning a living and simply surviving. Many of my clients and workshop participants have experienced something similar, so I feel assured that I am not the only one touched and transformed by this dynamic self-healing practice.

Breathing with awareness - or Conscious Breathwork - is a simple way to affect positive change in your life and it is practically a secret! My vision is to share the secret with others - to meet once a month and explore the hidden depths of our beings. Breathing Circle is about living life as fully and shamelessly as possible. Since breath is the life force which connects all living beings on the planet, it is also the medium through which we can feel other beings in existence. When we breathe together consciously - we automatically connect with each other more deeply. This inevitably leads to higher levels of empathy and awareness for others, which precipitates kindness and gentle living. For this reason, I am passionate about sharing the breathing secret more widely - it help us as individuals - and it supports us as communities.

The first ‘Breathing Circle’ started in March 2009 in Leamington Spa, and since then more groups have popped up in the UK.

We meet on the last Tuesday of the month, every month, and anyone who is interested in breathwork is welcome to come along.

A new Breathing Circle participant wrote…
"Breathwork is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious self; it is a powerful and simple tool to work with. The continuous breath engages a deep process of self exploration and healing. I was surprised by the impact of my first few sessions."
Fan Lebel, Leamington Spa, 2009

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Important information: “Breathing Circle promotes the use of Conscious Breathwork as an effective route to self-healing. We support a range of breathwork modalities and are not limited to one specific practice. We encourage group leaders to be experienced in facilitation of group breathwork practices, but we do not guarantee their expertise or professionalism. Breathing Circle always encourages discernment and self-responsibility when selecting a therapist or group breathwork leader.”

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